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The Casa Mastro atelier was born from the initiative of Ivan Mastro and his sisters, Cristiana and Ambra, who grew up in the workshop of their father Raffaele, tailor of the famous Positano fashion for over thirty years.

The Mastro brothers, who grew up watching dad Mastro at work while they had fun playing hiding among the bales of fabric and scraps of fabric, have created a tailoring workshop. The Boutique is not conceived as a classic high fashion atelier, but as a real artisan workshop where unique and authentic items are made, which stand out from the large industrial productions of large shopping centers.

Every single item is still born today from the enthusiasm that father Raffaele transmitted to his children, in particular to Cristiana, his right hand man in the laboratory, where together they start the summer after summer collections.

The careful research of materials, from trimmings to the most refined rebordé yarns and laces, generates unique items: no item will ever be the same as another; any imperfections are an indelible mark of authenticity.

The store in the heart of Positano is the showcase of the most beautiful creations, and a source of inspiration, stimulated by the requests of an international clientele.


Casa Mastro was born when three brothers from Positano decided to continue what their father started many years ago: the history of “Moda Positano, (Positano fashion)”. Since they were children, they loved to play in “Papà Raffaele”s ‘studio between the reels of fabrics and cloths.

Nowadays Ivan, Ambra and Cristiana, the third generation, are following the path that Raffaele, one of the finest tailors of the Positano fashion industry, paved the way for thirty years before.

Today each piece is created in their tailor’s shop in the heart of beautiful Positano. It is more than a simple studio though it is a melting pot of art, creativity and inspiration.

Every single item of clothing is still born from Papà Raffaele’s passion that he passed down to his three children. Today they work with him side by side to visualise and then create the collections for every summer.

The research of the materials is of high standards: from the trimmings to the natural fibre materials and the embroidered laces. The pieces are tailored and crafted, passing through the hands of everyone in the family until the eventual unique and precious garments are finished.
Each piece is one-of-a-kind and potential imperfections are simply a mark of authenticity.

The creations are afterwards displayed in the Casa Mastro store, in the heart of Positano, where the fashion show starts with clients coming from all over the world.

Every collection is created with the same attention to detail and skilled craftmanship that has been at the heart of Casa Mastro since the very beginning.

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